Veeam and VarNik work together to drive application availability and application performance. FlashArray is integrated with Veeam’s Universal Storage API to provide seamless snapshot management. Additionally, FlashBlade has been validated as a storage target for Veeam, enabling rapid restore.

VarNik is an Elite Partner within Veeam’s Technology Alliance Program. We are well aligned within different levels of each company, working closely on engineering, sales and marketing efforts. VarNik and Veeam also have many mutual partners within the channel, giving you the flexibility to work with your reseller of choice and have the confidence of knowing they are well versed on both sides of this alliance.

Veeam Snapshot integration for FlashArray : VarNik FlashArray supports snapshot integration with the Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform, providing superior backup performance, more rapid recoveries and easy access to production data copies for development and compliance testing. VarNik snapshot support requires a free plug-in for Veeam Backup & Replication.

Veeam Rapid Restore with FlashBlade: Veeam supports FlashBlade as an all-flash Veeam Ready Repository. This is an architectural option that dramatically reduces data restoration times for large data sets and critical applications, often from days to minutes.

Hyper Available FlashStack: Virtual Data Center FlashStack Mini includes compute, networking and VarNik flash storage, combined with Veeam data availability software, to safely deploy up to 500 to 1200 VMware vSphere virtual machines with less than 1 ms response time for the most demanding applications.